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Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital LLC is among the top precious metal asset companies based out of Santa Monica, California. The company is engaged in buying, selling, and trading of all the major forms of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals. Rosland Capital was established in 2008, and it has grown rapidly to achieve a loyal customer base and an image that reflects trustworthiness and transparency in its every aspect. The company not only provides highly professional services to its clients, but also goes the extra mile to educate the customers on making safe and profitable investments in gold bullion, silver, platinum, palladium and numismatic coins.

Rosland Capital’s customers, investors and market analysts view it as one of the front-runner precious metal firms when it comes to trust and professionalism. The company enjoys a prestigious “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. The investment advisers and executive team of the company have a combined work experience of more than a hundred years between them. It is an assurance for the clients to know that their investments are in the safe hands of some of the best and brightest financial minds in the business.

Customer Service

Rosland Capital follows a core philosophy that puts the customer ahead of everything else. It believes that earning the customer’s trust is the real goal, and profit earnings will follow automatically. The company has a strong commitment towards achieving total customer satisfaction in every single case. Its aim is to cultivate long-term relationships with clients and anyone who could be a client.

The company’s dedicated customer service representatives are available to address and resolve any concerns that the customers may have at any point of time during their dealings with Roseland Capital. The customer service team will not rest until the customer’s concern has been fully resolved and the customer is happy.

Commission-free Buyback

Rosland Capital is one of the few top precious metals companies in the industry that offers a commission-free buyback to its customers. This policy is one of the most distinguishing features that ranks the company ahead of many others. If the customer desires to sell his or her precious metals back to the company at any point of time after the purchase, the company will pay the prevailing market price at that time without deducting any commissions. Rosland Capital does not aim to capitalize on a customer’s decision to sell, which most other service providers do.

Portfolio Guidance

Many precious metals investors of Rosland Capital seek professional advice from the company to create a safe and profitable portfolio. The company offers a wide range of investment options, including physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Its gold coins are classified either as numismatic or bullion. Many of Rosland’s investors find numismatic coins to be a smarter choice that has helped them achieve their investment goals.

Rosland Capital believes that it is up to the customer to determine the amount of precious metals that should be included in the overall investment portfolio. The company’s representatives help the investors make the most appropriate investment decisions according to their needs. They guide them about the right options to diversify their portfolio in order to maximize their profits and minimize the risks.

However, while choosing Rosland Capital as their investment partner, the customers should keep in mind its limited market experience in the field. The company is a fairly new player in the precious metals business in comparison to some more experienced and renowned precious metals firms.

Negative Reviews

I was able to find a few negative reviews while researching this company:

One person complained about the advertising not matching actual company policy.  Specifically, he asked the company to beat a competitor price and they reportedly would not.

One person claims that he bought gold at around $1500 per ounce last year with the company.  He goes on to state that this year, gold is up, but somehow his retirement is worth almost 30% less… huh?  I’d say that’s either fees or… well you know what else…

Other reviews complain about pushy sales tactics


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