Losing the Fabled Superpower Status

I believe that the prevailing economic crisis has hit us Americans at two different levels. On the surface, we have become the victims of our own flawed economic policies, and now suffer the consequences in terms of rampant unemployment, rising poverty levels, and an insecure financial future. At a deeper level, we have perhaps suffered another loss. Our confidence and pride as a nation that used to be our biggest strength and which led to the making of America as the world’s only real superpower, both economically and politically, has been hurt somewhere deep down.

The global perception about the United States as a superpower has undergone a rapid change. China, Russia, India, and even Brazil are the new giants that harbor serious ambitions to dominate the 21st century completely. It seems they will not have to work too hard for it. We Americans and Europeans have almost self-destructed ourselves to make way for these new emerging economic and political powers. There is a palpable shift in the balance of world power that almost always follows the balance of world trade. Key global institutions such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, and the World Trade Organization are increasingly controlled by the newly emerging power blocs.

One of the biggest mistakes we Americans made in the last few decades is that we blindly believed in the power of the U.S. dollar as an international reserve currency. We failed to foresee the rising power of gold and its renewed role in global economics. Countries that focused on gold and believed it to be far more stable and trustworthy than the dollar are today laughing all the way to the bank. We Americans were inside the picture and we failed to see the writing on the wall. Gold is a completely neutral entity as a global reserve, unlike the U.S. dollar which belongs to just one nation.

The domination of gold in global economics is only a logical and natural conclusion, which most of us Americans failed to foresee. The result is that today we have insurmountable amounts of international debt, and our dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on to be able to be able to eliminate that debt. On the contrary, the value of gold has multiplied many times over, making it the most powerful unit of financial leverage today. Governments, financial institutions, banks, and individual investors around the world that placed their faith in gold are today in a commanding economic position, while America and Europe are in a state of not quite rapid, but noticeable, decline and decay.

The U.S. and Europe are no longer in a position to turn around global economic, trade, and political policies in a way that is most favorable to their interests. Oil producing nations have also used our diminishing power to their fullest advantage and have continued to push up global oil prices. As a highly oil-dependent economy, we are saddled with very large oil import bills that aggravate our debt situation further. It is a vicious economic circle, and it will take nothing less than a miracle for America to dislodge itself from this economic trap certainly if America continues to listen to folks such as Al Sharpton, Sean Penn, and George Soros.

The Economic Perils of 2020

All my adult life, I have tried to save and invest money wisely to ensure a secure financial future and a comfortable retirement. However, in the last few years, my retirement savings have dwindled. Some of my friends were smart enough to shift their retirement savings accounts to gold and silver. They are the only ones who have a smile on their face today, while the rest of us have watched our own hard-earned savings evaporate in recent years.

Excessively high rates of inflation and poor income levels have made it difficult to save money for almost everyone. I have not been able to save anything in the last few years, even when I realized that saving and investment in precious metals could give me the best financial protection during an era of widespread economic uncertainty. However, I am not the only one who has failed to make savings and investments in recent years.

As per the figures released by the Commerce Department, the personal savings rate in 2019 was a negative 15 percent, which is the worst in the last hundred years! The situation of savings is perhaps worse than the days of the Great Depression. This alarming negative savings rate is an indicator of things to come for the millions of people nearing their retirement.

The busting of the housing bubble has added further to the woes of millions of American people. With the home mortgages debt exceeding $16 trillion, there was no way the bubble could sustain itself any longer. Many homebuyers purchased overpriced homes by taking on more debt, while reducing their disposable income and savings. Many more refinanced their homes to pay for their living expenses and many put their faith, at least years ago, in the first decade of this century, in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and watched them blow up because of poor management by Barnie Frank. To watch huge entities like that implode was frightening. With the bubble busting, many Americans were destined to lose a major part of their life’s savings and wealth.

One of the poor government policies in recent years has been the easing of bankruptcy laws. U.S. lending institutions and private lenders have aggressively lobbied the government to ease the laws, and effectively encouraged people to take on more debt. Now as the situation gets out of hand and the country faces the prospects of national bankruptcy, a large number of small and medium businesses as well as consumers are bound to go bankrupt.

These imminent bankruptcies are going to put further pressure on the banks and other financial institutions. Most of the banks are already suffering from massive losses, and any further liquidity and credit problems will mean a crippling of the entire banking and financial sector. Economic activities and investments will be severely curtailed, making the country further uncompetitive in comparison to the leaner and meaner emerging economies of Asia.

I wonder how would have the American economy performed if the government had the foresight to see the impending doom of the dollar, and the meteoric rise of gold and silver as the global financial reserve. This is what countries like China and India did, and today they are sitting on vast precious metal reserves. This has added to their economic stability and allowed these countries to take risks and enhance their competitiveness in various areas.

Can Precious Metals Be Held in an IRA Account?

If you’ve been worried about your stock portfolio for some time now, no one will blame you! The financial crisis of late has left many of us wondering if we’ll have any retirement savings left by the time we are ready to retire. Sure, the market may look like it’s on the upswing, but do you really trust it anymore?

Many are asking if precious metals can be held in an IRA account. You may be thinking the words “gold IRA,” don’t go together but in reality, they work together perfectly as a sound investment. So, what are the rules on adding precious metals to your IRA account?

Gold, IRA – Guarantee Your Retirement Portfolio

Whether you lost money when the financial crisis hit in 2008 or you’ve just made some bad decisions, you can invest in gold. IRA accounts are also allowed to contain gold as an addition to a retirement portfolio.

Many of us with IRS plans from work watched them dwindle down each quarter and began wondering if we should take the money out and try something different or wait for the market to get strong again.

Unfortunately, the market hasn’t regained its status to the levels where those close to retirement think it should be. Many of us are thinking: “I’ll never be able to afford to retire!”

Precious metals like gold don’t lose their value and gold especially increases in value. The price of gold per ounce continues to rise all the time—sometimes even daily. If you consider an investment into the gold market, be assured this will be a prudent and wise investment. This investment will aid you when retirement comes and make it possible to leave behind something for your heirs as well as handling your final expenses.

How to Invest

If you are interested in investing in a precious metal such as gold, IRA experts are the best folks to turn to. You will need to ensure your IRA is self-directed and that your account administrator has the ability to segregate your gold into security vaults.

Good administrators will know about IRA precious metal rules and regulations and also how to keep your gold IRA separate from others doing the same. You see, many who invest in precious metals will utilize secure storage in one location and a good administrator will make sure the security vault keeps your gold separate from that of other investors.

For those us of baby boomers considering adding gold to an IRA account, there are also some Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements so be sure to ask your broker about how these work.

Our last important tip is on the subject of where to find gold? Often your broker or IRA administrator is the correct person and will be an expert on the topic. Not only will they ensure the gold you are investing in meets the requirements of true gold, they will also be able to complete the paperwork necessary to add gold to your IRA.

Protect your IRA and consider investing in a precious metal such as gold. And, to be safe, find a knowledgeable broker who is honest so you aren’t buying gold you can’t verify as genuine. Once you’ve made the investment you can rest assured the money you spend on gold will only increase in value ensuring when your retirement does come, you won’t be scrambling or be forced to try and find another job in an already hard-to-find-job market.

Gold Buying

In today’s economy it seems that nothing is certain, except for gold that is. Gold has been a universal currency for many years and it is one of the safest investments that anyone can make(1). The price may fluctuate but gold will never all together be eradicated as a form of currency. If you’re looking for something to invest in where you won’t have to worry about massive fluctuations in value or inflation over time, investing in gold may be for you.

When it comes to investing it’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t ‘put all of your eggs in one basket’ but with gold is is not as true. Gold is such a solid investment that you can afford to make it a larger part of your investment portfolio than anything else(2).

So now you know why buying gold is such a good idea but how do you go about your purchases? Well I’m sure you have seen the generic television commercials telling you to buy gold or sell gold to them, but most people nowadays have changed to buying gold online. There are many reputable dealers online where you can purchase gold in various different formats, many people opt for this route because of the pure convenience of being able to order gold from their own home or office.

As mentioned earlier there are many different ways in which to buy gold. The two main types of gold that are typically purchased are gold bars and gold coins. Now some gold coins are worth no more than their actual weight in gold but on the other hand some gold coins can be worth quite a bit to the right collector and will sell for much more than their basic gold value(3). It is for this reason that most inexperienced buyers opt to buy gold bars instead, because of the simplicity. Now you may be thinking “buying gold bars is out of my range right now” and that is a common miss perception among new gold buyers, the reality is that most gold bars are only a fraction of what you see in the movies. Typically you can buy in amounts as little as one gram bars and as large as 400 ounce bars(4).

The most popular recommendation for people who are looking to start investing in gold is to buy consistently in small increments. The price of gold typically increases steadily over time so regardless of the current price if you buy a small amount perhaps on a monthly basis you should make profit over time. Remember that gold is not a short term investment, for true success you must build upon your investment and give it time to grow.

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Buying Guide For Gold Bars For Sale

Gold bars for sale come in different shapes and sizes. You can get them in bar form or in coin form. No matter what form you pick, you will still have the same percentage of gold in each piece unlike other precious metals such as silver that tend to have less units of silver in coins than in bars. This makes gold one of the best options you can have in investing your money. If you are interested in doing this, here are a few tips for you to help you along the way.

Industry Standards

No matter where you’re shopping for gold bars for sale, make sure that the dealer is selling gold bars that are following industry standards. The quality of gold should be 99% pure. Any piece of gold that does not have that quality should not be on your shopping list. Consult people who are are experts in this field before buying gold. If possible, have a friend who knows the gold market well when making your purchase.

Know The Market

Relying on someone to give you the proper evaluation on your gold bar purchases is good, but it would be better if you gain their knowledge by studying the market and the trends that dictate the perfect times for selling and buying. Read up on industry news and make it a habit to listen what experts have to say whether it is on TV, on the paper or on the Internet. The more information you soak up, the more informed you will be. Pretty soon, you can make sound decisions in buying gold all by yourself.

The Power of Gold

What you also need to realize when turning your attention on gold bars for sale is that gold retains its purchasing power. While other forms of currency lose they value over time thanks to inflation, gold pretty much retains it buying power. It has been used for trading for hundreds of years already, which means it never fails as a means of trading. That’s why if you’re looking for a solid investment, this is the way to go.

Golden Age

While the world economy is trying its best to stay out of trouble, the price of gold is starting to go up. As more and more people realize that this is a good investment, the number of gold bars for sale eventually decreases, therefore increasing gold’s value. Before this gold frenzy occurs, go forth with your gold buying plan so you will be ready to let got of them for a premium once their price goes sky high.

Step 1 To Finding The Best Deal on Gold:

Step one is to find a reliable company to buy gold from. But keep in mind, every day people get scammed out of their hard earned money through poor and uninformed decisions. Please don’t make the same mistakes.

If you are unsure about where to find a legitimate and reliable company, please take a minute and watch this video. I explain the company that I trust . In this Review (video) where I talk about what they provide and how to quickly get current prices. I also share my experience, along with some of the reasons why the company is better than the others I have researched.

Guide To Buying Gold Coins

Gold coins offer some surprising benefits but do you know about the unique risks involved? You’ll see below why it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you decide where to buy.

  • You know that gold coins are a solid and simple way to invest.
  • You’ve decided that gold coins are a good fit for you.

You’re here for the right reasons and that’s why I’m guiding you through these tough economic times.

While you emerge into the gold market, I offer you a few tips and some valuable information that will help you in your new venture.

Please pay special attention to the cons of buying.

If you take anything away from this article, let it be that you learn how to store your gold coins properly! Storing gold where you live creates risks that not everyone thinks about.

Premium Over Spot

The term “premium over spot” simply means it is the amount of profit gold dealers get when selling gold. It usually ranges from 0.1% to 10%. It varies depending on the amount of gold purchased and the way it is purchased. Now that you know what it is, you are now ready to determine whether buying gold coins is worth it depending on their premium over spot price. For this reason, you should concentrate on purchasing gold coins with a premium over spot price that is as low as possible. This gives you the advantage of selling it down the road with a bigger premium, therefore a bigger profit.

South African Krugerrands

This type of coin is the most common gold coin in the world so it is relatively easy to come by for people who are into buying gold coins. They are also special because they usually have the lowest premium over spot among all types of gold coins. They may be from South Africa but they are traded all over the world. These properties make this type of coin of the best choices whether you are are beginner or already and expert in the gold market. If you are solely into buying these gold coins for investment purposes, stick with these South African Krugerrands. Stay away from collectible coins that cost more but in the end will command basically the same price as the Krugerrands.

The Pros And Cons Of Buying Gold Coins

Remember that like all investment options, gold coins carry with it both positives and negatives. First, let’s talk a out the positives. Gold coins are easy to store and hide so you can keep your money safe even if you keep your coins in your house. It’s also a good way of moving money across countries thanks to its compact nature. Its negatives directly connect to the positives as gold coins can easily be stolen if they are not stored properly. The premium over spot also makes purchasing gold coins relatively more expensive than buying other precious metals.

Finding The Best Price On Gold Coins

Step one is to find a reliable company to buy gold coins from. But every day, people get scammed out of their hard earned money through poor and uninformed decisions. Please don’t make the same mistakes.

If you are unsure about where to find a legitimate and reliable company, please take a minute and watch this video. In this Review (video) I talk about the company that I trust. You will learn what they provide and how to quickly get current prices. I also share my experience, along with some of the reasons why the company is better than the others I have researched.

Tips On Buying Gold Bullion

Buying gold bullion is a solid investment option especially in these trying economic times. Investors throughout the years buy gold when they foresee a slump in the economy. This is to safeguard their monetary assets and keep them secure until it is safe to turn them into regular currency again. Although the price of gold also changes in the gold market, it generally sticks to its value for a longer period of time compared to regular currencies that fluctuate with the health of the worldwide economy.

Gold Items

When buying gold bullion, it doesn’t really matter what form or shape the gold is in. It can either be in form of bars or coins, what matters is the volume of the gold. Every piece of gold should be 99% pure in quality, which is the industry standard. Anything lower than this should be considered inferior or at lesser value. Unlike other types of precious metals, you should be able to equate a bar of with a bunch of gold coins with the same weight. Silver, for example, has a lower unit count in coins compared to silver bars. Traditionally, gold bars are the standard for trading in the gold market so concentrate on that when buying gold.

Things That Influence The Price Of Gold

When buying gold bullion, it’s not enough that you are aware of the current state of the gold market. You also need to know what forces are capable of affecting the price of gold. These outside forces include central banks, hedge against financial stress, unusual high industrial demand, wars and national emergencies. Expect that if an event or a trend shows evidence that gold may not be readily or easily available, prices will skyrocket. If you know where to look, you would know how to tell if these factors will be affecting the price of gold in a positive or a negative way.

A World Of Trust

Buying gold bullion is just the same as putting money in other investment options. Scams and frauds are always a threat so keep your eye out for questionable entities and deals that are too good to be true. Only trust people you already know and even if you do know them well, keep your guard up. Remember that gold is a widely accepted means of trading and it’s not just you who wants some of that gold action. Everybody wants in on it so keep your gold safe and secure.

Step 1 – Finding The Best Price On Gold Bullion:

Step one is to find a reliable company to buy gold bullion from. But every day, people get scammed out of their hard earned money through poor and uninformed decisions. Please don’t make the same mistakes.

If you are unsure about where to find a legitimate and reliable company, please take a minute and watch this video. I explain the company that I trust . In this Review (video) where I talk about what they provide and how to quickly get current prices. I also share my experience, along with some of the reasons why the company is better than the others I have researched.

Tips On Where To Buy Silver

If you’re wondering where to buy silver items, you must determine what kind of silver items you want to purchase. Silver is a very versatile previous metal so it has a lot of applications in consumer products such as electronics and jewelry, as well as in investment options. Since silver is plentiful and generally priced lower than other precious metals, you can have an easier time finding it compared to gold and other metals of its type. Here are some tips to guide in finding the right place to buy silver.

Where to Buy Silver Consumer Products

Thanks to silver’s properties like thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, ductility and its pretty look, it is used in a number of industrial applications. It can be used in photography equipment, jewelry and silverware. If you are looking for this type of silver, you can easily find it in speciality stores for the particular consumer product you are looking for. Whether it’s online shopping sites or your good old fashioned mall, you can acquire these items with no hassle at all. It’s that easy.

Where to Buy Silver for Investment

For investments, buying silver can be a little bit more tricky especially if you are not aware of how the market behaves and how silver is traded. First thing you need to realize is that there are multiple sources of silver. These sources are companies who mine silver, produce silver as a by-product of mining gold and lead or acquire silver by extracting them from recycled items that have silver in them. Depending on what time of silver you want, whether it’s bars or coins, you can check out these silver manufacturers to see the available silver options specifically manufactured for investments.

Going straight to the manufacturers or the brick and mortar dealers that sell silver items is a good idea if you want to check out stuff in person before buying them. However, this is inconvenient and slightly not secure. Essentially, if you get your silver from brick and mortar shops, you will be carrying your valuable investments with you from the shop to your home. If you can assure your security during this trip, then that’s not an issue. If you cannot, the better option would be to buy silver items online.

Where to Buy Silver Online

There are several websites that sell silver and gold coins or bars for investment purposes. Just do a simple search on your favorite search engine and you can discover different services that offer different manufacturers each. Price may vary for each seller so you have the benefit of finding the lowest priced option possible if you look hard enough.

Step 1 – Finding a Trusted Company For Silver:

Step one is to make sure that you get what you pay for. But every day, people get scammed out of their hard earned money through poor and uninformed decisions. Please don’t make the same mistakes.

If you are unsure about where to find a legitimate and reliable company, please take a minute and watch this video. I explain the company that I trust . In this Review (video) where I talk about what they provide and how to quickly get current prices. I also share my experience, along with some of the reasons why the company is better than the others I have researched.